A BLOG? Don't you have to be a Writer to be Blogger?

So what exactly is the defintion of a writer? 

Okay folks, I looked it up and here are the results in case you didn't know what a writer is. 

Drum Roll, Please...

writ·er/ˈrīdər/  noun: 


  1. a person who has written a particular text. the writer of the letter"
  2. a person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or regular occupation."the distinguished travel writer Freya Stark"

GREAT! I'm so glad we got that sorted. Now everyone knows what the TRUE definition of a writer is and you can now sleep at night. You are welcome!

I'd like to 100% plop myself into Option #1 which is why I've always been a little (lot) hesitant to write something in a blog-like-fashion. I get all weird and judgy of myself. I think I have to be some 'New York Times Best Author' in order to write something for others to read. But here's the thing, since I was a little girl I've always LOVED writing. Was I any good at it? I don't know! Did I love English class? Nah, it wasn't for me. Did I have or feel like I had a lot to say, write, share, etc.? Yes, yes I sure did and not much has changed in the last thirty two years. I'm a talker, what can I say? Does it really make a huge difference if I don't use fancy words and sometimes throw down commas like they're going out of style? I just don't think it does anymore and I'm okay with that!

A few months back I was reading the book, 'Girl, Wash Your Face' by Racel Hollis. Now, wait a second...

If you just read that last part and you kind of skimmed over the title of the book and the author without really giving a rat's ass then I highly suggest you rewind, go find yourself a pencil, pen, half broken crayon, whatever you can get and you jot that shit down. That book changed my life! Nothing has inspired me more in life than THAT book! Let me put it in CAPITAL letters, BOLD it and go as far as underline + italicize it so you can't miss it! 


So, if you stop reading the rest of this blog because you're already YouTubin' Rach then great, my job here is done! Mic DROP! Once again, you are so very welcome and this one is on the house!

However, if you're still reading then sweet -  let's get back to the point of me telling you why this book is so relevant to this post. In the book, Rachel talks about how she too didn't think she was a good enough writer. She doubted and questioned herself and not only about being a writer but she did it with A LOT of things in life. I just kept reading every word and nodding in agreeance with her truth, her story as if I had written the book my damn myself. You know that feeling when you hear a song for the first time that 100% resonates with you and your life at that very moment and then you say to yourself, "I could have written that!" It was ones of 'those' kind of moments. 

This isn't just some kind of book that you read and go ...Uh huuuh! Yup. Got it. Great. Good advice. It's one of those books that ALTERS YOUR LIFE. Alters your way of thinking. It makes you think about whatever it is you've been doing wrong and inspires you to do it better. If that isn't enough reason to read a book then I don't know what is. 

Needless to say I plowed through it and then one day I decided that I too could write. I eagerly sat down at my computer and didn't know what the hell I was going to write about but I started and it felt damn good. I typed and typed and typed and typed until my eyes were crossed, until my fingers bled...it was the summer of '69. (insert instrumental) I remember looking at how many pages I had finished and it was something pathetic like...3...in total...with a font size of probably 25 and 100% double spacing. I actually laughed and then thought to myself, "How the hell am I going to write an entire book? I will be 86 by the time I finish it."

As time went on, that book or whatever you want to call it slowly got pushed aside along with other grand ideas that had been brewing upstairs in the noggin'. Here's the catch though...It is 7:35pm on a Wedesnday night and here I am again typing away but only this time for others to see. 

Today I asked myself a question before attempting at this whole 'bloggin' thing. What was I going to write about? It was a no-brainer - I was going to write about LIFE! I'm not talking about my life and the last time I went grocery shopping or shaved my legs (which by the way was at least two months ago). I'm talking about life as we know it and I'm not talking about the picture perfect life that is plastered all over Social Media and the Internet because my goodness - we don't needs anymore of that! You know, the real shit. The good, the bad and the ugly. The truth. I want to share ups and downs with you in hopes that it inspires you to live your best life. I want to share Travel Tips, Hot Spots on Vancouver Island, Food Recipes, How to Fold a Fitted Sheet...(Just kidding. I still can't do that.)

So, there we have it folks, I want to write and I'm going to do just that. If I'm heard, great! If not, I'm doing something I love through my business that I love and how cool is that? I get to hit two birds with one stone although I don't hit any birds with any stones because that would be super cruel and weird but you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down, ya?

In closing, I want to THANK YOU for being here with me on this ride. Modest Maverick has opened my eyes to so many great things and great people these past few years and I honestly thank the universe, myself and all of you every single damn day because I wouldn't be here without you. 

I would also like to take this time to say this: 

If there is something that you know deep down in your soul that you want to do, then DOOOOO IIIIIIIIT! What are you waiting for? Christmas? Speaking of Christmas, I'm totally waiting for Christmas but that is beside the point. It is easy to wish and want and never get. It takes a lot of work to get the things you want in life and it doesn't happen overnight but when it does happen, all that hard work is totally worth it. 

Be the writer. Get your Etsy shop going. Record that album. Run that Marathon. Whatever it may be, YOU GOT THIS and I believe in you!

I look forward to blabbin' on for those of you who are still readin' and I look forward to seeing what adventures you get up to! Never hesitate to reach out and share. 

Until next time,